The Old Man NFT


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The Old Man NFT

Old Man NFT Historical Digital Artifact "Portrait of F.E." is the original and much talked about "Old Man NFT". The Old Man NFT is a rare historical digital artifact. It was one of Ovadeus' first commercially printed artworks. And more importantly among the very first digitally created illustrations printed in a mass commercial trade publication. It appeared in the April, 1985 edition of the popular MacWorld magazine, shortly after the release of the ground-breaking Apple MacIntosh.

Artist Ovadeus has recreated the original file based on a twenty-five-to-one pixel ratio which provides the exact same print at a 5X impoved quality. The ERC-1155 NFT set also includes an exact duplicate vector version and full copyright ownership. This allows for unprecedented and perfect reproduction on a massive scale.


The Old Man NFT has a series of swag and art prints available.

Ovadeus: NFT Alien No. 01000111 01001111 01000100

Ovadeus NFT AlienA proven artist, creative problem solver, and international designer, Ovadeus (a.k.a. NFT Alien) has embraced the power and awe-inspiring possibilities of digital technologies since the dawn of the GUI (Gooey). As an illustrator, his works appeared among the first digitally-created art appearing in print, in the early issues of MacWorld (1985). Wood Diary, an independent film written and directed by Ovadeus, was screened in over 50 juried film festivals across the globe. His instructors and mentors included illustration legends and New York Society of Illustrators Hall-Of-Famers Joe Bowler, David Passalacqua, Herbert Tauss, David Grove, Bob Peak, and Murray Tinkelman. As a young watercolorist, he corresponded with American artist and painting icon Andrew Wyeth. He is also famous for The Kitty Da Bù Hǎo NFT Meta-Kingdom collection.


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